Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year Weakness Won A Round

If one would have to title a year in the mental biography of their life (and every performer has that mental biography, thinking they're SO DAMN INTERESTING that yes, people DO want to know EVERY fucking thing about their life....) I'd have to title 2011 the year "Weakness Won A Round".

I am happy to put 2011 to bed. As in, The Big Dirt Nap. As in, Kill This Fucking Year Off and Let It Die.

It started strong. I was strong. I turned 40 in March and damn it, NOTHING was gonna stop ME! The eternal Female Warrior with brass ovaries and the drive to match, I was out there in the world and I was grabbing it by the short hairs and WOOO HOOO let's fuckin' DO THIS THING!

I assumed I was past my own self-destructive ways of letting old demons haunt me, that I had learned a thing or two about a thing or two (obscure movie quote there, for anyone who picked up on it. No, I won't say what movie -- that's for you to figure out) and because I AM FORTY!! I know fuckin' EVERY damn THING about anything and don't get in MY way lest I push you to the side and keep going forward!

You know, like a 20 year old.
A stupid, clueless, doesn't know shit about anything, 20 year old.

Then I stopped working out, because that's what I DO, and the weight started to slowly creep back onto my ass, and rather than seeing it wrote it off that I could "pick back up the routine when ever I wanted". Apparently, I didn't wanna. I packed on 20 pounds in '11 that I worked so hard to shed in '09 and '10.

Then? The boobs. Ah, the boobs. The Malformed Mammaries that I was determined to fix. Most of you know, the surgery didn't go well. I started tanking in strength even BEFORE the surgery when over the Summer I had to quit smoking FOR the surgery.

It was in THIS moment I realized what a weakling I am.
The "Mind over Matter" mentality failed me.

I became someone I did NOT know when I gave up the sticks. I had cold sweats and panic attacks. I had mood swings that even the most PMS-y bitch on earth could not rival. I cried. A LOT. I screamed. I crumbled. My family didn't recognize me. I holed up in my house, knowing the process would make me unpleasant, and very few people saw the mess I had become. I was never so thankful to have outdoor loving children who missed the large majority of me crumbling like a dried up cookie at the weight of giving up a habit that in my youth I totally despised.

To add insult to injury I had friends who were former smokers bragging how EASY it was for them to quit, that they never looked back, and blah blah blah, and it made me want to punch puppies up and down my street in frustration.

I managed to quit. (No, it didn't last. Shut up, fuckers. DO NOT judge me. You have your weaknesses, too....)

I had my surgery.

Then? It all went wrong. Two weeks post-op the incision on my left breast popped every stitch in spite of me following EVERY post-op rule and regulation. I "took it easy" and did next to nothing. In that inactivity was where even more of that weight crept back on. I couldn't work out, run, or do jack squat. At least now I had a REASON for failing myself physically.

It took FOREVER for the infection to clear and the large wound to close itself off. In this time sex was almost non-existent in my life. I wanted to. My husband wanted to. Having a boob that was a pus seeping open wound kinda kills the MOOD for a girl, and with the elimination of my sexual activity I really now was someone I DID NOT RECOGNIZE.

Once all that mess healed, I thought, "Cool..... NOW we can get back on track...."

except the whole breast was healing.... well.... WRONG.
The shape of said left boob wasn't boob-like at ALL. Why did my tit look like a triangle with the corners rounded off? What the FUCK was going on? Why, exactly, WAS the implant on my left side reaching my COLLAR BONE when I laid down?

Depression was gripping me. I waited MOST of my life to fix this and ended up with an entirely new box of hell that I willingly opened? FUCK ME.

Rather than taking this problem with the same gusto and Bitchy Fortitude I did everything else, it almost broke me. I withdrew from my husband. I did very little unless I was working. Even household chores and daily activity felt.... too big. I was sinking into a dark hole of a text book case of clinical depression. Jokes that I wrote with heart and meaning felt false to me as I delivered them on stage -- pride in who you are! Laugh life's troubles away! .... I was starting to feel like a fraud, and once I realized that MY BOOBS were a large part of my over-swing mood swing into anger and depression I felt like an even BIGGER fraud. And an asshole. Because I let my physical appearance shadow the woman I am on the INSIDE, and let myself become a "Typical Girl" that just because I didn't feel I LOOKED pretty I let it make me UGLY on the INSIDE.

I'm snapping out of it NOW.

I know I have one, if not two, more surgeries ahead of me. I also know this isn't going to kill me. I know that I let it get the best of me.

I woke up.

Just under the wire of '11 ending, I WOKE UP. And in that, I plan to take the lessons learned from '11 and then BURY the rest of it. Pat and I fought a lot this year over personal things. Sometimes it leaked on to Facebook. We've renewed our vows to one another in a sense of BOTH OF US opening our eyes to the life we have and respecting it rather than BOTH acting like pissy little children tossing hissy fits and temper tantrums over the things in life that shouldn't MATTER enough to bitch about.

I'm not belittling what I've gone through -- It has been hellish. But I made a CHOICE to have this surgery, and in that choice I knew that things MIGHT go wrong. So, something went VERY wrong. But I still have an amazing husband, beautiful children, and a career I love. I have a cute little home that deserves my attention and care, too. I have a LOT. So, I'll probably NEVER have matching tits. Fine. It'll have to just be enough, when they're fixed AGAIN, and I need to let go of some mental image that surgery can totally right what nature fucked up.

No one is gonna get me back into work-out mode but ME. And I will do it. And if I don't I need to make friends with the Me I am rather than hating who I am because I think I can be something else.

I'm getting my Brass Ovaries back in '12, and keeping them. I'm not letting the stresses of outside family drama, or the shitty business side of comedy, or back-stabbing two faced assholes who claim to be my friend, or even my funked up fun bags, take my inner strength from me EVER again.

So.... fine. 2011 was the year Weakness Won A Round.
So be it.

Fight ain't over.
Weakness got this round, but there are many left, and they're gonna belong to ME.

Happy New Year, friends. Make it a good one.....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hovering in the gray.....

In my life, the times of greatest stress are in the times of the unknown -- when answers would give one direction, but no answers are being given.

I've known since October that things with The Boob Job are going WRONG to a depressing degree. I've also known a certain "hold time" was needed. In this surgery, it can take up to six months for things to 'settle' to their finished location. I'm only 4 months post-op now, but it's CLEAR the direction isn't going to get better. If anything, things are just going to continue to get worse. Even in knowing that, time was needed for answers to be given.

And in that time, I've been slowly going bat shit insane.

It took me a lot of debate, inner strength, courage, to even take part in the surgery. There was the constant battle of the risk versus just "being okay" with what nature did to me. I've always hated this part of my anatomy from the time the boobs started to sprout. Anyone who's heard me on stage knows it all already. I tried, as best as I could, to develop a sense of humor about it but ultimately I knew...... I can't live like this forever.

Taking the leap of faith to have it done was a GIGANTIC jump for me.
To have it go wrong, so horribly wrong, has been weighing on me like lead.

I look in the mirror and think, "This is worse. Nature was nature. I chose to do this to myself...."

.... but it's not what I chose. Things went wrong.

So you think, "Okay, let's fix it...." but logic and reason says, "You can't right now, so live in the gray area...."

and that is where I become unhinged.

For 10 years, I had a sibling missing. She literally disappeared. We didn't know if she was dead, alive and in hiding -- there were no answers. There were times we would scream for them, with nothing coming back but silence. She's alive and well. Against the odds we have found her, but in those 10 years that not knowing was more painful than grief. How do you mourn someone if you don't know if they're dead? How do you get angry at someone for leaving if they're dead and you don't know it?

For years I was told I'd never have children. I miscarried four times. In the time of not knowing I didn't know what to feel. Grieve for the possibility of never being a mother? Hold on to hope that the doctors were wrong?

These are the times in my life when I am not the strong woman people assume I am. The not knowing is what shakes me. I can KNOW a horrid truth and deal with it. I can KNOW something unpleasant and DEAL WITH IT..... if I know what I am to tackle, and what I am supposed to deal WITH.

Today, I'm headed to the doctors. Today I get answers: Will he be fixing my botched boobs at no expense to me, or after the first of the year do I start looking for good malpractice lawyers? Those are the two roads ahead, and having to sit and look at both has been driving me insane.

I've withdrawn a lot. I have had emotional outbursts that are uncharacteristic, even for me. I have been moody and sullen. I've lost a LOT of my sassy confidence as a woman, feeling very weighed down by such a part of me that defines "Woman" in the physical sense.

Another surgery will mean down-time. Work missed. A good month or so where I can't hug my children or make love to my husband without caution. Another surgery will involve more healing pain, more stitches, more drains, more discomfort. ALL OF THAT.... isn't pleasant, but I can HANDLE it.

Legal battles? Fuck, who wants to deal with THAT? But I will. With my head high. If that's the road this takes, I can HANDLE it.

Living in the unknown between the two scenarios has been eating away at me.

I know a lot of people think this is just about tits, but it's not. And honestly, shame on YOU if that's all you're hearing. It's not about The Perfect Rack. It's about feeling normal. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It's about feeling HUMAN when so much of you your whole life has been evidence to the contrary. I've taken all of Nature's practical jokes against my physical self and made a LIVING out of laughing along with the joke.

But this surgery going wrong feels like a MEAN joke -- the mean spirited humor I don't take part in. There is a difference between humor that is honest yet heart-felt and humor out of spite and anger. I'm ANGRY at my BOOBS. I'm angry at the surgery. I'm angry that when I FINALLY opted to FIX THIS..... it went wrong.

Answers will be given today.
I'm ready for either side of it.
I just need to know WHAT side of it it's going to lean toward. The "not knowing" has gone on LONG ENOUGH.

Friday, September 2, 2011

An Ode to the Old Twins

I am 2+ weeks post-op, and the adventure to make me some new knockers has been exciting and at times worrisome. I'm dealing right now with the incision on my left breast being a pain in my ass. Or tit. Whatever. For no particular reason, the dissolveable stitches decided to let go a bit too early. Just *pop* goes the boo-boo on my boob. From the crest of my nipple down, at the nipple being the widest, I have a "V" shaped wound going on. Like a zipper taken half way down. It's just the surface skin. I'm on the road to mending. I also have the most raw, sensitive, painful "ouchie" I've ever had on my body butting against the most sensitive nipple to peak a breast since the dawn of TIME.

I'm only informing. I am most certainly not complaining.

Yes, this unfortunate freakish occurrence means I will probably have a thicker, less appealing scar than had it hadn't happened. To that I say, "Who the hell cares? I still have new boobs!"

I have to change the gauze on said troublesome ta-ta several times a day. This gives me a medical reason to open my sport's bra all the way and look at my new body in the mirror.

It's hard for me to explain the feeling of seeing something, or someone, in the mirror you never thought you'd see. I do believe I'm still in a small state of shock over the whole thing.

I recently emailed my "Before and After" collage to an online friend, and I paused to look at the "before" photograph, somewhere in my head thinking THAT is how I still MUST look. This "after" shot certainly can't be ME. When you grow used to your own body and then in a matter of 4 hours everything about it changes? It takes time to sink in.

I spent many hours researching breast augmentations. Different implant options. Different incision options -- nipple, breast, armpit, over the muscle, under the muscle, info info info. Gobbling it all down like a starving person at a buffet. I wanted to be sure I knew ALL the risks involved. I weighed the options. I debated over the years if I'd just have the bigger breast taken small and not put a foreign object in my body. There was no woman more medically informed than I was when I went in for surgery on August 16th.

I failed to even fathom the psychological impact this would have on me. Kinda stupid of me, really. My boobs have been fucking with my brain since they first sprouted.

I stand in front of the mirror thinking, "Who's rack is that? She's stacked!" and then I realize.... that's me. This is me now.

I'm almost, dare I say, uncomfortable with the idea and skin I'm in because it's .... normal. I don't know normal. Normal is foreign to me. Those who know me will laugh and say, "Katrina you will NEVER be normal" and I take that as a compliment, thank you very much.

Perhaps what I'm struggling with is being at peace with it after all these years. Twenty-five years (give or take) of having breasts I hated left a mark on me. I have been betrayed by my body in so many ways since puberty.

My girlie netherlands gave me grief most of my adult life. Four miscarriages and countless surgeries on my ovaries, laproscopic this and let's give you that medication and "You can't have babies" and then "You can get pregnant but you'll never carry a child to term". It weighed on me as a woman. Coupled with my mangled breasts, I felt like I existed in a shell bound to do me in.

I knew I was a girl.
I knew I was a woman.
But all my womanly parts were a friggin' MESS.

Over time? That can make you feel inhuman. Subhuman. LESS than your counterparts that share the "Girl" gender stamp. When you obsess over other woman's breasts not because you're gay but with constant envy and longing, it seeds in you. When you spend most of your adult life having anxiety attacks over attending baby showers and breaking out into cold sweats walking past racks of onesies and diapers in Wal-Mart, it fucks you up a bit.

My children validated my struggles and made me feel more like a female than anything else. By being here, they healed every wound I suffered to GET them here. The tears weren't useless. I cried many. After my sons were born I could set aside my anger at my body and what it did to me.

But that left the boobs. The mangled and malformed rack that nature threw at me. Oh, how I hated them. I resented getting dressed, daily, just trying to manipulate my bras so that when I put a shirt on "no one could tell".

Before my husband, in my wild single days, those stupid boobs didn't stop me from taking a new lover when I wanted to, but there was always a hint of hesitation in letting a man touch me "up there". Or see me. MOST of the time not a word was said. Several times though, I could sense the feeling of disappointment. Or being judged. Like I could help it?

I've always, in an odd way, identified with transgendered people. I hear ignorant people make fun of transexuals, and those who have gone through their transition from man to woman or vice versa. While I might be a straight female who's happy being a woman? I know what it's like to be trapped in a body that doesn't match with one's brain. Inside I felt sexy and alluring, I felt sensual and desirable. Then? I'd LOOK at myself -- those fucked up boobs, that inner plumbing that had a kink in the works, and what was going on in my head never matched the reflection in the mirror. It changed how I dressed. It changed how I carried myself. It changed how I TOOK CARE of myself. In times of depression and grand indifference, I stopped fighting my weight. Was the point of being thin, and fit, if my "crown jewels" were crappy and clouded cubic zarconia? Ironically my fake tits feel more real than my real ones did.

I don't know, over time, how this will change me. I'm still adjusting. I'm still in shock. I spent the better part of my adult life just WISHING for what I now have: A normal rack.

The other day I had to drive to the doctor's office, and then make a stop at the local Wally World for some groceries. Twice, in my driving around town, I habitually cupped my right breast to be sure I had grabbed my chicken cutlet to stuff my bra to make sure I looked normal. Both times, my brain paused a moment to remind me..... Katrina, you don't need that stuff any more. Old habits die hard, I guess.

I know I'm a lucky woman. I've bitched about my tits since I've had tits, but they were never riddled with cancer. They never tried to kill me in that way. But they were slowly killing the woman inside me. I knew when I hit 40 that it had to change. I knew when I hit 40 that it was time. Enough was Enough.

Now that this change has taken place, I feel like my brain is rejecting it. I feel like this incision opening is totally par for my course.

My boobs, for the first time in my life, are the same size.
My nipples, for the first time in my life, exist on the same plane.

I've spent the better part of my comedy finding the humor in the old pair, and wondered if by having the surgery.... was I betraying the comedic warrior in myself? But then?

This incision popped open. In that happening? They're STILL gonna be fraternal twins. My left breast will have a big ole scar. She will be my "Frankentitty" while the right side -- the former "little sister" -- is a perfect and ample "Stripper Boob".

Perhaps I was never supposed to have "Identical Twins". And I can live with the differences now. What I had? I could not live with. Not for another year. Not for another month. Not for another day.

I'll give my brain time to catch up to that reflection in the mirror, because I know that reflection ain't going anywhere. I'm sure over time I'll stop wondering if I remembered my right-side stuffing. Eventually I'll settle in to this new body and it will feel like 'this' is how it's always been.... but I'll know better. I carry with me the memories of "before". I owe it to myself to keep those memories -- those awkward moments with a new lover, the horror of locker rooms in school, the pain in finding a BRA for crying out loud. Those moments can't be erased with a surgery. They are as much a part of me as my New Girls are now.

So I say to my old boobs, that are still really STILL with me. (They didn't cut away breast tissue for crying out loud.....)

Good-Bye, "Depressed Emo Sister" boobie. You dangled down way too far. You filled with milk weeks AFTER my children were born, robbing from me the chance to breast-feed my sons. You jiggled way too much. You were often the breast of choice at the hands of someone else, but even then had to be LIFTED for the stupid misplaced nipple to be FOUND. You couldn't help how you were. I still hated you anyway.

Good-Bye, "Perky Cheerleader" boobie. You're still perky, but at least now you're the right shape. I didn't know that you were as fucked up as you were until the doctor told me about that internal tissue that almost choked you out of existence all together. You were the one I hated the most, feeling as though you were just too lazy to grow. I had no idea my body was basically producing weeds to prevent you from catching up. I won't miss your inadequate shape, volume, size. I know you're sitting on top of a BIG ole implant right now. Hope you like the view from up there.

I think I very well might print a copy of that "Before and After" shot. Take it to shows with me. I've always been Queen Of The Over-Share, even before I dubbed myself Queen Of The Mutants. I don't think the curiosity of people is a bad thing. I'm happy to say "This is how I was" now that "that" is no more. I'd have never shared pictures of my old boobs when that's all there was. Now? I can show what is gone. I can eventually learn to let go of the shame I had inside me over something I had no control over.

And maaaan I can't wait for this stuff to be totally healed. I have a Victoria's Secret shopping spree in my near future. I've never even set foot in one before. There was always too much envy and self hatred looking at things I thought would never belong to me. I can let all that go now though. .... when my brain catches up with the rest of me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Team Edward! Team Jacob! Good Grief.

Even as a child I was fascinated with Vampire stories and the mythology surrounding Vampires. While I thought casting Keanu and Wynona in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was a HORRIFIC Hollywood mistake, I still enjoyed that version. Let's face it - Dracula is THE greatest love story of ALL time. A man, so distraught he loses his ONE TRUE LOVE, renounces God to become a blood sucking monster? He'd rather be Damned To Hell than live without her?

Fuck, sometimes I can't even get The Yeti to pick up his friggin' socks!

Most friends know I was pretty deep into Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was popular. I didn't continue my fixation with the comic books (I might lose some girl-geek points there) but I own all seasons of Buffy and Angel on DVD and still squee a bit when I catch a favorite episode on FX just so I don't have to dig out that specific disc.
For the record? Yeah.... Angel? Total puss. SPIKE was the TRUE "Vampire with a soul" Angel had to be INFECTED with his humanity. Spike FOUGHT for his. But I digress...

When Twilight started its own Vampire phenomenon, I ignored it. I saw posts about women going ape shit for Ed Cullen and Team Edward and Team Jacob and blah blah blah and I fought the whole thing, because I'd heard about the sparkling. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Vampires that GLITTER?? What the FUCK?? How bad ass could Spike have EVER looked either in Evil Form or Reformed Form if his skin looked like someone spritzed him with Stripper Glitter?

One night out of utter boredom and curiosity, we sat and watched the first movie in the Twilight series.

I was surprised it wasn't horrible. I can say "I'm wrong" if I feel I'm wrong. On the glittery bullshit I am NOT wrong. Edward goes off on educating Bella about what supreme killing machines Vampires are and yet looks like he was decorated by a bored 10 year old with a Bedazzler Obsession.

And the whole "Ancient Vampire falls in love with high school beauty" had been done already.... in Buffy, thank YOU vurry much. AND in the Buffy world it was done BETTER in my opinion. MUCH more of a conflict that the Vamp's lover is set to be THE ONE chick to KILL his kind.

Still, the movie didn't totally suck. (pun intended). The Vampires in Twilight are largely portrayed in physical form to remain human looking, albeit pale and in sunlight.... fucking GLITTERY. (grumble... glitter... what the hell?) There is no marked transformation when the demon inside surfaces to feed as in Buffy. There are no comical Bella Legosi fangs that spout.

It's my understanding the first movie had a very small budget, but the artistry within the film can't be balked at. The colors and mood and tone are very Artsy in their presentation.

I had zero desire to rush to the theaters when the next two movies were released. I have, however, just viewed the movies on Showtime and I'm pissed because I've totally gotten HOOKED into the storyline and mythology of the Twilight universe.

I AM curious though at what the allure of Bella IS to Edward and Jacob. She's miserable 99% of the time, and when she gazes upon each in her own love-lorn way? I'm sorry but the girl looks slightly cock-eyed. I know "Forks" (did I get that right?) is a small place, but not so small that this ONE chick should be able to upset centuries of monsters and wolves and their pacts and treaties and blah blah blah. Bella needs rescued as much as Buffy's little sister Dawn did, and most Buffy fans fucking hated Dawn.

The pull for Edward to want Bella to remain human speaks in part to a very abusive relationship: Hold the woman down, keep her frail, don't let her get too strong, so she will always need me. Control her. Yeah..... it sends a shitty subliminal message to young girls caught up in this shit that that is romantic. It's not. Edward might be fighting the idea of changing Bella over because he cares about her "soul" but as a grown woman all I can think is, "Control freak." If she is in trouble he will ALWAYS have to fight for her, never being able to defend herself.

I haven't read the books. I don't know how it all spins out, and I don't want to know. I'm fine for the next movie to hit a cable station to see it. I'm not spouting "Team Jacob!" statuses on Facebook (even if that's the side I lean toward.) Come ON friends, I might LOVE the Vampire legends and the spins that writers put on it, but I'm a Wolf Girl at heart. Always have been, always will be. The full moon is fascinating. I celebrate the release of my Werewhore about every month! And like Jacob said so bluntly to Edward, "I'm hotter than you." Furry Boy speaks the truth. *snicker*

I guess I just liken these movies to vegetables I have to FORCE my kids to eat:
"Try it, you might just like it!"

I will, however, NEVER NEVER NEVER get on board with blood sucking awesome creatures GLITTERING in the friggin' sunlight. HUGE mistake there. They couldn't have come up with ANYTHING ELSE to be the "tell" that these creatures are indeed vampires?? The sun turning all their veins visibly black, maybe? It would make them more bad ass. It would FIT the idea of them being horrible killers. Don't talk to me about irony either. "Oh but Katrina that's the point!! Something so deadly can be so..... beautiful....." Blah blah blah. Bullshit. Spike was beautiful without Glitter, damn it!

Now all I have to do to catch up on the other latest trendy Vampire universe is Netflix season one of True Blood.

Doesn't matter how great that one is though. NOTHING tops the Buffyverse for me. I'm a die-hard Sunnydale Girl when it comes to where my "favorites" reside. Until the casts of Twilight and True Blood whip out a Musical Episode, they can't touch Buffy!

.... glitter? REALLY?
Good grief.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Me At The Parking Lot

Last night, my boys along with almost a dozen neighborhood kids, played a game of kick ball in our front yard. They weren't keeping score. Some kids kept floating from one team to the other. They laughed. They ran loopy around the bases just to see if they could make it or tag the other out. They SCREAMED like animals and worked up a sweat. When I took a jug of water and ice and plastic cups out for a break they greedily gulped and burped and slopped water all over the place. Then? Went right back to playing. They played until the mosquitoes brought dusk on in, and everyone had to go home.

I watched and hooted and hollered with them, caught between the moment at hand and memories of my own.

In my old neighborhood, none of us had too big a yard to play in, so we gathered in the parking lot beside Bethel Lutheran Church. The pastor's kids were our friends. Not all the kids in the neighborhood attended the church, but the lot was THE place to play. There was always a game of kick ball, base ball, base runner, freeze tag. We roller skated on that lot until our feet blistered. We rode our bikes in circles until we got dizzy. In the winter we'd make forts out of the plowed snow. The window wells would somehow catch toads after heavy rains, and Pastor would open the church so we could go to the basement level, crawl on through the windows, and grab up those toads and have races with them until we set them free.

We moved out of that neighborhood when I was 11, and I left the innocence of my childhood there. It was that "Stand By Me" age, when Summer lasted forever, no one went inside until the street lights came on, and your friends saw you FAR more than your family.

People lament that "those days are gone" and "kids don't play like they used to".

Watching my boys, and the kids on our street, my heart swelled so big with a feeling of nostalgia and gratitude for them to have these memories, these moments. Nights like last night are the stuff childhood is MADE OF.

We encountered this neighborhood from loss. We lost our house, and were forced to relocate. When we picked this duplex, we choose it because it had central air conditioning and a huge basement for a play room. We had NO IDEA this cul de sac was CRAWLING with families with children the same age or around the same age as our boys. We simply didn't know that an unfortunate financial turn in our lives would give to our sons something money can NOT buy. Our old neighborhood wasn't as safe. There weren't kids around. I'd have NEVER set my sons out to play four houses over in our old neighborhood. EVER. It was a bad end of town. On this street, there is little traffic. Families are in great abundance. Parents know the other children. Swingsets don't belong to any one family -- they are free rein for anyone if they're a kid.

I am so happy for my boys this Summer. They have spent 95% of it outdoors riding bikes, playing ball, wrestling in the yard, playing with the hose and squirt guns and silly kid pools with crappy water that gets dumped every other day for being nasty. There has been almost NO computer time, and very little video game play. (Rainy days excluded) They have friends every other house up and down the street.... just like I did when I was little.

I had friends in every direction when I was little. If one person left to visit grandma for the day? There was someone else to do something with.

As a mother I couldn't be more content to see the way they play. Kids today may very well be spoiled with gadgets and TV and things we NEVER dreamed of when I was small, but the heart of a child still beats for adventure and play -- honest to goodness, roll in the dirt, pick up a bug, skin your knee, PLAY. Technology can't breed being a kid out of children. Parents can LET it happen, but the Lost Boys of Neverland aren't gone. They just need the room to come out and crow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

High School: Does it EVER leave us?

I went to my High School reunion in 2009, and Pat's in 2010 more as a curiosity than anything else. I have, for the most part, kept in touch with the friends I've wanted in my life since graduation that I've wanted to keep in touch with. Yes, a few fell through the cracks of the busy nature of becoming an adult, so contact via this rite of passage was wonderful.

I had a love/hate relationship with High School. I've always enjoyed being a student of anything, and relished learning. The social aspect of school is where the "hate" came in. I got caught in the trappings of adolescence of simply wanting to be liked. Being popular mattered to me, although I wasn't destined to achieve it. I went to a High School that was zoned for more wealthy families. We were not one of those families. The labels on your clothes mattered. We shopped at K-Mart. I got ribbed for this. I was too immature to realize such things don't matter in life, and didn't see that I was living the monetary life that my parents could provide, as were the "rich kids". THEY didn't earn jack shit. They were given what they had, as I was, and as an adult we can reason and rationalize that these things shouldn't matter to teenagers. Still? They do. I felt it. I felt inferior because I never took skiing vacations and that the ONLY pair of "Guess" jeans I owned came from an "irregular" resale store. I wore those jeans until they, literally, fell off me in tattered shreds years later in college.

I was an artistic student, diving in to the creative side of my being. I took art classes, was on Speech Team, wrote for the News Staff and took part in Yearbook my Senior year. ANYTHING creative and I was there. That doesn't always mark one to be "cool". I never clicked with any clique. I had friends, but longed for more. I was the quintessential dork wishing secretly to be the Cheerleader. I pretended not to care, but at times my desire to be part of the "in" crowd led me to be rude and sometimes bitchy to people very much in the same boat I was in who were just trying to be my friend. I wasn't always kind to everyone.

I know now, at 40, there might be people who cringe at my name because of who I was or how I acted at 17. I can live with that, because it would be very valid. We want to think people will give us the chance to prove we've grown up, but we also have to be accepting that our actions affect people and that time doesn't always wash it away.

I can look back on my years in High School with cringing regret and laughter, a feeling of "Man I was such a dork!" and hope... people would just see past that version of me to the "Me" I have grown into.

I also know that even now, at 40, there are names and faces of people back then who still make me wince. The "Mean Girls" who saw fit to whisper behind my back at my 'generic' clothing left a mark. The boys who decided I wasn't of the right social class to bother to date or give me a chance? I still remember that shit. I would never hold it against someone now, if their approach was true and honest, and they showed me that they too were caught in the whirlwind of stupid that encompasses adolescence, and that they too have left it behind.

As a nurse aide, I came into contact with some of my old tormentors. I cared for the grandmother of several girls who were TOTAL BITCHES to me when we were kids. They berated me for being an art geek. They made fun of me. They laughed at me, at times in their coven of the Beautiful Ones as I walked down the halls or just in passing alone. And as adults? They saw me as the one wiping the ass of their dying loved one and were gracious to have me around. There was little to no hint of the high school bullshit that swirled around us all as children.

As a photographer, before comedy, I encountered a former classmate who didn't recognize me right away. I recognized her. She hadn't aged, and still had the air of privilege and poise she had carried so well at 16. She was gracious and kind and pleased with my work.... until I LITERALLY saw the light go off in her eyes. That, "I know this woman.... I know who she is!" recognition, and her entire demeanor changed around me. She got snooty, stuffy, and although moments before had been singing my praises as a photographer was now overly critical of my work. I felt bad for her. I pitied her in my mind that such levels of High School Hierarchy could still exist in her head all these years later. Somehow, me being a part-time working Mom at a portrait studio, made me "less" to her, just as I was to her when we were teenagers because I was the poor daughter of a waitress.

Still, it sticks with us. I know of two girls -- sisters -- that would have to do a mighty strong dance to prove to me they aren't the epitome of Evil. They tortured me in our teen years. They targeted me and were ruthless in their game of just being MEAN. They had the money (of their parents) and the beautiful home (of their parents) and saw fit to pick on me or at me when EVER the mood struck them. They targeted me in the 8th grade and kept their game of "Fuck with Katrina" running right up to Graduation. If I had to dissect it all now, I understand it: In spite of their head-start in genetics and breeding? They were ugly inside and out. Money couldn't buy them personality. It couldn't buy them beauty. Every time one of them would "crush" on some guy? Ironically that guy would be crushing on ME. I never did anything to make it happen. It was just horrific bad luck on all parts. It was fuel for them to start rumors about me starting rumors about others, and because of who they were -- the richy kids -- people believed them. Through their torment I almost got my ass kicked because of shit they started. Threatening phone calls. Stupid adolescent crap. I haven't seen them since we were 18. They didn't attend the reunion. I've never sought them out on social sites. I'd love to ask them, now, "What the FUCK was it about me that made you so damn angry?"

As I encounter people now who I knew then, I try VERY HARD not to project ANY opinion -- good or bad -- on the adult they are NOW from the kid they were through the trenches. I'm not the same. I'd LOVE the chance to get to know people I didn't back then. I want to give people the same chance I hope they'll give me.

Some people?
They are just shitheads. Doesn't matter how old they are. They were pieces of shit at 16 because that's just who they were destined to be their entire lives.

When some mean girl from "back then" recognizes my husband and I in public as former classmates and pushes me out of the way, LITERALLY pushes past me, to shove her breasts in my husband's face and flirt? Acting like the same little cunt she was 20 years ago? It's easy in that brief encounter to see some people just don't grow up. Might I BE a little super sensitive? Sure. That's the part I'll carry with me, wondering if people see past the geeky art student with the K-mart clothing who could never get herself quite right in the social scheme of things or if people see me NOW..... the geeky dork who takes pride in the fact that I don't pay full price for anything and shops at Wal-Mart because I don't give a fuck and know my $4 t-shirt doesn't say dick about what a wonderful friend, mother, wife, and human I am. *snicker*

People should realize though.... if you treated someone like a bag of dog shit 20 years ago? Chances are they never forgot it. And if you make a choice to act that way NOW, 20 years later? It's settled: You were born a douchebag and you will always BE a douchebag. At least to me. I'll give people a second chance. Maybe a 3rd or 4th one. But if your record shows you're just a pissy piece of shit to other humans? Don't be surprised if that's how people see you, if that's how people remember you then, and see you now.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Tale Of Two Titties: This Ain't for The Kids.

Friends keep asking, "Can we see 'em?"

I keep promising that in some measure, an unveiling of the twins will happen. I guess I could totally skirt it and just wait until I have a gig, get a stage shot or two, or a few pics with me and other comics like I do at EVERY show and lay out a generic "The boobs are in this photo...." caption and be done.

However, I am an attention whore.

And I don't play unfair with people who have been fair with me.

A lot of you have been riding this out with me since the start of it.

You heard my jokes at a show and started to follow me on Facebook, perhaps?

You messaged me about something about YOU that makes you a little crazy, and we bonded in some way.

Maybe you knew me before I HAD boobs of ANY kind and feel you should be "grandfathered" in on a full frontal flash of the new tits simply because you've had to hear about this shit for DECADES and you have EARNED it?

I've been overwhelmed at the outpouring of support I've received through this journey.

I'm actually in process now of taking "healing" photos at home.

I'll figure out what to do with all the pictures I have, and in what measure I decide to share.

I respect the fascination at a level that isn't sexual, and I believe that is the case for the majority of people who have latched on to my story. I mean, we all love tits. Even straight women and gay men love boobies. Beyond that though is that side-show-freak-fascination.... It peaks our curiosity when something is out of the norm.

My old boobs? WAY out of the norm, and I've done well to uncover that 'secret' that I used to PRAY no one would see in the middle school locker rooms of painful adolescence. I penned comedy material to "out" myself as a freak, not because I wanted pity or even understanding for myself. I did it so other people with their own issues would see we're not alone, we all have fucked up issues, and damn it.... find the funny in it before it friggin' kills you.

Many times the self loathing and hatred of my own body damn near did ME in on an emotional level that is almost embarrassing to admit. "Love Yourself" sounds great, it's easy to say, but no one has perfected the art of doing so and keeping it always. Self love -- the hallmark kind, not the Playboy kind -- is fleeting and tricky. We KNOW that our surface is just packaging, and what is in our hearts, minds, and souls is what makes us who we are.

But I dare to call "BULLSHIT!" on anyone who says it's NOT flattering to be noticed for our physical selves. Being whistled at. Turning a stranger's eye to you, even for a second. FEELING like you COULD, even if it doesn't happen. It's natural to want to feel sexy. Our species hinges on sex.

When the parts of you that make you sexy are all screwed up? It has an affect on you. And you want to buy in to the perfectly imperfect ideal -- you want to believe the product you sell -- but even those of us who have come to terms with who we are still have dark days, moments of loathing....

I'm rambling again. Lost in deep thought here.

Right now, several days post-op, I'm still getting to know my own body. My reflection has drastically changed. I am not the woman I was at the start of this week. In theory I am: My mind is the same, as is the heart and soul. Just the outer shell has been changed, right?
Yeah, no.
SO fucking wrong.
I'm slowly relaxing into my new shell, like a snail. ha!

I know now when I go to get ready for my next show I'm not going to have to make sure my "show bra" is clean. Yeah, I had ONE bra here lately that was sturdy enough to hold the right side stuffing, and had to wear it at every damn show. I won't have to worry about that any more.

I went to my Mom's today, wearing a sport's bra under my shirt.
She hadn't seen me yet, and asked, "Well, how do you feel?"
I showed her my bra. "Look what I can wear now."
My Mom's eyes welled up a bit. She understood in that moment what just ended for me.

Once I get my mind around all the photos I have, I'll share, and you guys can get a better idea of it all, too.

Thanks for the emotional support. The well wishes. The care you've extended. Thank you to those who realize this isn't just some chick who wanted a boob job, but that the journey was far greater.

Thanks for being YOU.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Growing Pains

Many moons ago, back in the days of MySpace, when attention paid to me was much smaller and the world online was of tighter borders, when I had an issue within my marriage..... I'd spout off about it via the Big Red Blog. I'd lash out at my husband, verbally, stating MY side of things, no matter how it made him feel. I rested on the fact that "writing is my therapy...." and that blogging had replaced my private journal keeping.

Valid enough point, except my dusty old journals were private. Putting one's dirty laundry out for the world to take a whiff of simply meant everyone could smell the shit swirling in your house.

I've pulled back from this practice as the number of eyes on me grew. It's embarrassing, sometimes, to be a hormonally unstable bitch. AND, let's face it, it didn't make The Yeti all that fucking happy either. Can't blame the man. Who wants their mistakes blasted into the stratosphere for everyone to weigh in on?

Turn about is fair play.

Here's a secret, folks: I'm not perfect.

I will pause while the shock wears off. *eyeroll*

I'm opinionated and bossy. I'm a control freak. I expect people to behave in a manner that I would behave in if in their position, never thinking for a moment in the heat of discomfort that OTHER PEOPLE have their OWN BRAINS and they're NOT going to react like I would because..... I'm me. They are them.

I've been unfair to a rather fair and kind and patient man.
I'm not saying he's perfect. If he were I couldn't be with him. Perfection is dull and impossible.

In the 11+ years of our marriage he has hurt me, but I in turn have hurt him as well. That's the side of it I was never willing to discuss. Deflect my own mistakes! That's the ticket! (Random 80's SNL reference there, for anyone who remembers it...)

Our latest Online Spat was detected by some. There were friends who stepped up to both of us asking if everything was okay. Some simply shook heads and walked away, tired of the same game of Pat and Kat being at war one day and smoochy-smoochy, kissy-kissy the next.

I get it. We're EXHAUSTING. Sometimes mildly entertaining. Drama of someone else's is always fun, to an extent, if you're not smack dab in the middle of it. That's how I explain the rash of Reality TV. It's good to see someone else's life get all boogered up because it can make ours feel more calm and normal.

But back to that issue of hurt.....

Whether intentional or unintentional, when we hurt someone? They have a right to say so. They have a right to say "You hurt me, damn it, and it sucks."
Forgiveness has to take place to move forward.

The hurt-er has to forgive their carelessness with the heart of someone they love more than themselves.
The hurt-ee has to forgive the careless fucktard who just smashed their emotions like a fragile Christmas bulb.

Forgiveness though.... it's not a solitary act. It's not singular. We can say "I forgive you" and mean it, until a day or week or month or year later something causes the painful event that was forgiven to resurrect and bite you in the ass like an Emotion Zombie.

Everyone knows from the horror film genre that something buried that comes back to live always comes back more evil the second time around, right? So when a wrong resurfaces -- either by repeated act or simply in memory -- it's bite can sting again. It's THEN that forgiveness has to renew itself. Forgiveness has to KEEP happening, again and again, until the Emotional Zombie dies for good and the issue of the hurt causes no pain any more. For some circumstances it can take no time at all, and for others it can be an ongoing struggle to see what wins: Forgiveness or the Zombie.

We hope, we pray, we bank on forgiveness winning every time.

I hope, I pray, I bank on the wrongs my husband and I have committed against one another to eventually die and never return. It's happening, slowly. When you love someone you are going to hurt their feelings. It might be intentional in a spat of childish rage. It might be unintentional in a moment of selfish thought or deed. But it happens. Those who believe it doesn't are setting themselves up for an unrealistic future that can't happen, and more hurt when the hurt comes along.

You see people, I'm kinda damaged goods. I knew this the night I met my husband. I've been through the ringer with other men before him, carry with me childhood issues that as a grown woman I should be able to put away. We think we can. We hope we can. We bank on the ability to do so. But things resurface, and we have to deal with them. It's the dealing that promotes the healing, and we want it to happen. Sometimes it just doesn't happen fast enough.

I'm rambling, I know.

This blog is more like an old dusty journal entry than anything I've ever written before online. I'm feeling out my emotions here. If you've read this far I have to wonder why? I know I'm not making much coherent sense. I just know that in the course of my marriage a lot of bombs have been dropped, grenades have been thrown. BOTH sides have lobbed pain around not to be mean, but more like temper tantrum throwing children who are cranky and in dire need of naps.

I'm owning my part in this here.
I'm owning my imperfections. Not the lop-sided boobs and metal plate in my head and webbed toes so fun to pick fun at and laugh about. I'm talking about the deeper imperfections none of us want to face in ourselves. The control freak issues. The unfair fighting tactics. The selfish nature of the little girl inside me who wasn't hugged enough by her Daddy. THAT bullshit. I own it, and I want to change it. I want to be a better wife to my husband. I want to be a better Mother to my children. I want to be a better friend to those who need me and to those who respect me and love me in spite of myself.

I want to be a better Katrina.

I only hope, with time and growth, that it's possible.....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When I Want Your Opinion I'll Give It To You

We (most of us) claim we don't judge others, but we do it. Own up! How many of you have been in a mall or a grocery store to see a child out of control and judge that parent for not keeping the kid in line? Your opinion is basically you saying, "I could raise that child better."

And yes, YOU do it, too.

It's human nature.

If you are a parent yourself and see this typical site, you don't go back in your mind when it was YOUR KID making an animal of him or herself, and how you wished the ground would open and swallow you whole so you could just be somewhere else. Nope. You flip to the whole, "Well they need to put a leash on THAT monster!" judgment.

If you do not HAVE children? Shut the fuck up, Seriously. In your head and your words? Just shut up. I won't pretend to know what it's like to be an astronaut or a teacher or a heart surgeon. I might have opinions on such things but I know that they're based on assumption and not fact.

That's the problem: Opinions ARE, indeed, like assholes. We all have them. Usually they all stink.

I rarely ask someone's opinion unless I REALLY want to know what they're thinking. I know they have an opinion. Most of the time? I just don't give a shit.

I live my life in accordance with what I think, and what my husband thinks. HE is the only other person I need to worry about either pleasing or pissing off in my life decisions. To an extent, my children as well, but they're still little. They don't get to have an opinion on whether or not we buy the generic or name brand cereal because they don't control the money or bring any into the house. They'll eat what is bought for them. That kind of thing.

It would seem lately, in certain circles, I have been the topic of discussion on how I live my life. More importantly, what I do for a living. More specifically, how much time it takes me away from my family.

Let me say this now, to whom EVER might be reading: Piss off.

Piss off!

My schedule varies. There are times I'm only gone a weekend. It's actually more often than not that any given comedy booking takes me away from home on a Thursday and brings me back Sunday afternoon.

Lately I've had several longer gigs closer together than I PREFER, but I'm not so stupid that I'm gonna turn down WORK that I get PAID FOR to CONTRIBUTE TO MY FAMILY's BUDGET.

I was gone almost a full week in April.
Then I turned around and took a full week three weeks ago.
Then I had another full week last week.

Apparently this got the chickens clucking. So much so I started to let the bullshit "Talk behind her back but NEVER TO HER FACE" crap get to me. I contemplated leaving comedy and expressed it to my husband who, accidentally, repeated it to our sons.

Spencer came at me in a vengeance.

"MOM! Are you REALLY quitting comedy????"

"No," I said to him. "I had a moment where I thought I might but decided against it."

My son hugged me TIGHT and said, "GOOD! I don't EVER want you to quit comedy."

So there you have it, back-talking, back-stabbing fuckwads.

MY KIDS are FINE with me leaving. At the thought of me quitting my son got MAD. Kids are more honest than adults could EVER be. IF he had any residual bad feeling about mommy leaving here and there, his reaction would've been "But I wanted you to quit" or "I'm glad you're quitting".

It was the stark opposite.

My husband 100% supports me.
My kids are behind me.

If I had a "regular job" where I worked Monday-Friday I'd actually be gone MORE. Every day. Without fail. GONE. And I don't judge parents who HAVE TO do this to make ends meet. I feel BAD for any Mother who HAS TO leave their kids in day care, who has to leave them every day, only seeing them a few hours a day, to make it in this tough world. Of course the nay-sayers will say "You don't HAVE TO be a comic". The fuck I don't. It is in me like someone gets called to be a nurse, a teacher, or any other profession that calls to someone. If you've never been inspired to BE something? I feel sorry for you, too, but back the fuck up off of ME.
When I am NOT on the road -- which is more often than when I am ON it -- I am here, 24-7. Morning, noon, night, through the night, with my children.

I don't give a rat's fucking ass where YOU stand. YOUR opinion? Doesn't matter. It's one of those ones that smells like an ill-wiped asshole after a scathing Taco Bell burning bowel movement.

And you know what? If it's jealousy behind your opinions? Fuck off. Just... fuck off. Delete yourself from my life, because I've had enough of all of it. I've had enough of the whispers and talk and bullshit. I'm done with it. I'm done with people who want to spout ill will because I picked something I wanted to become and am going for it. The chains holding you back in YOUR life are ones you wrapped all over yourself. THAT has NOTHING to do with ME. Get honest with yourself about your own self loathing and stop projecting it on to ME.

While we're at it?

Yes, I am getting my tits done. August 16th to be exact.

I'm going to take this mangled rack that nature gave me and HOPEFULLY have it turned into something normal. Or close to normal.

I am tired of adjusting my bra 900 times while I'm clothed.

I am tired of the broken blood vessels all along my right shoulder because the padding that I put in that side of my bra is NOT flesh, therefore does NOT stay put, therefore causes that bra strap to slip, slide, gouge my skin....

I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing what I see.

If you can't understand that? AGAIN.... Soooooo not MY problem. I'd like to know how my boobs became a point where YOU have any say. Tell you what, you tell me something about you that is so personal and let me chop at it with my opinions and then we'll call it even.

Yes, I have brought this very subject out of the shadows of my life and shared it with thousands of strangers. I put this topic on the block for discussion, however, I didn't ask what YOU thought about it. I shared because there are many women who have this feeling about themselves who like to have someone to talk to. If you have never felt like a freak? Don't judge us freaks. And if you HAVE felt like a freak? WHY would it be okay for you to judge someone else in the SAME BOAT YOU ARE IN?

Often on Facebook I WILL ask other parents advice about issues we have with our sons: Perhaps those replying have been through the same situation with children who have grown past the age of ours, and can help. Maybe their point of view is one I can't follow. The childless masses can kindly STFU though. If you haven't raised a child your assumptions don't mean jack. Parenthood IS the one area where, if you're not in the game? You don't get to play.

I feel better now.

I just shot out a lot of opinionated stuff here.

Get pissed at me if you feel you have a right to. I honestly don't care any more. I'm tired of worrying what other people think.

If Pat, Spencer, and Max are fine with the choices I make in this life? I'm doing right by my family. THAT, at the end of the day, is what MATTERS. The rest of you who want to piss and moan and bitch and whisper? You're just background noise. Like static on an old radio someone forgot to throw away.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Confidence is Key

In theory, men want tall blond women with HUGE tits, a tiny waist, a tight ass and zero body fat. They want them stupid because thinking too much hurts the brain.

Ladies, please do not belittle men this way.

As I approached my 40th year, I found a new understanding of the male species. It took me a while, but a light finally went off.

The educated heterosexual man appreciates WOMEN. All shapes, sizes, heights, colors...

There is very little about me that fits the "Ideal Woman" by any societal check list.
I'm not thin.
I'm smart.
I'm witty and brash.
I'm not blond. Well, not ALL the time.
I have malformed, funked up boobs that I talk about in great length on stage.

Men flirt with me.
I've actually been propositioned a time or two after shows.

It's how I carry myself. It's in my own personal confidence. Confidence can be VERY sexy.

Yes, on occasion, as I discuss getting older in my comedy show, and point out various unpleasantries of my physical self, there will be a man in the audience who is picturing me naked and about to puke. My confidence isn't doing a THING for him, and you know what? That's okay. I'm a comic, not a stripper. My success on stage doesn't hinge on my fuckability factor.

Some men simply do NOT find a "woman of size" or the latest PC term for chubby chicks, "Big Beautiful Women" attractive. That's fine. I personally could never picture myself in a sexual scenario with a man who's short. We all have our quirks and preferences.

Still, women, daily, are hating on themselves for something they are not and can never be. We wake in the morning with grudges against our genetic selves. Not all of us are going to BE that tall, big-boobied blond we THINK men want. Because of that we diet constantly, we scowl at the "Beautiful Ones". We loathe our own reflection. We lament our own flaws that are mostly out of our control. We fail to see the beauty in who we are, and let it weigh us down more than the extra pounds ever could.

Try something new today.

Walk with your head held high. Shoulders squared off. Wink at a stranger. If they would happen to be rude enough to act repulsed by your flirtation? Throw your head back and laugh, as if they don't realize what they just missed out on.

Pick TODAY to be more aware of your attributes than your flaws.

Pick TODAY to love yourself a little more.

Don't go all hog wild and do it all at once. I wouldn't want you to strain anything! Stop looking at your nose and wishing it were different. I'll bet it's the nose of your mother, your father, or a distant relative that loved it just fine.

Stop seeing laugh lines as something to Botox away. Rather, be glad you laughed enough in life to earn them.

Stretch marks and sagging skin aren't pretty, but they exist in nature. So do scars, cellulite, age spots, freckles, and other things I've heard women bitch about endlessly. So often it is NOT our body, but what we do WITH IT, that makes us attractive.

Take pride in who YOU are, not what society is telling you you "SHOULD" be.

Life is short. Remarkably short. Rather than wasting another second lamenting the size of your ass? Shake it a little as you walk. If 'they' don't like it? 'They' don't have to look. Insecurity is a way of holding a person down.

Break those chains and fly today.
Don't wait for tomorrow. Just do it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

As Long As We Both Shall Live

As of Saturday, I'll have spent 11 years married to my husband Pat. We've been together now over 12 years. That's like first grade through graduation, people. THINK about that for a moment. How we learn, as children, to be students, to accept new knowledge and ideas, and grow as individuals through school?

Marriage is the same way.

I look back at the beginning and what a mess I was as an individual..... I want to cringe. I won't though. It's all a learning process.

I was insecure, I reserved emotion at times, I "waited for the other shoe to drop" because what my husband has given me is a reality I thought only existed in movies.

In my family, save a few limited examples, the hard fact was men leave.
They leave.
They don't stay and build a history, a family, a life.
Men left.

I kept waiting for him to "find someone better". Why not? Happened the first time around. My ex-husband is still, to this day, married to the woman he had his affair with. While that affair isn't the only thing that crumbled my first marriage? It sure as hell didn't HELP matters much! *snicker*

If I thought Pat was looking at other women? I lashed out. Of course in my mind I'd be calling myself a hypocrite -- I looked at other men, but I also knew that in my heart of hearts none of them could EVER pull me away from Pat. It's normal to flirt, look, even fantasize about other people. But if I thought HE was doing it? I didn't understand for the longest time his heart was like mine: Sure, look, but.... nothing will pull me away.

It took me a long time, even after the vows were spoken, to fully trust him. I wish I could go back and go "All In" sooner. Still, the caution was needed. I had to grow. I had to learn. I had to advance just like one leaps from Elementary School to Junior High School. Those growing pains are needed. How we loved one another through some of our more hellatious fights is beyond me. We had some doozies in the start, and some bad patches along the way.

But, more often than not, by a far larger percentage, the love outweighed the trials. Laughter far surpassed the tears.

We have watched one another grow into both amazing individuals AND grow into the "Us" we are.

He makes me laugh when I think I can't.
He believes in me when no one else has.
He sees a beauty in me I don't even seen in myself.
He is, simply put, my Best Friend.

We've held one another up through losses and sickness. In October of 2009 when Pat got sick, it dawned on me that we were mortal. Some day? We won't be here any more.

My Uncle Tom stopped by yesterday, and he spoke of he and my Aunt Mary being two months shy of their 60th Anniversary before she passed away. Makes my 11 years with Pat look....... so small. But we all gotta get through the 11 before we can hopefully reach that 60! And I hope we do last that long. I want us to be that old couple holding hands in the park....... Okay not the park. Perhaps a night club for the elderly.

I want this man in my life as long as I'm lucky enough to still walk this rock.

We've weathered our storms. Big ones. Small ones. STUPID ones where we both look at each other and say, "WHAT the FUCK are we even fighting about?"

We love so deeply sometimes it doesn't feel of this Earth.
Lately we have rekindled something, but that's not even right, because it implies it was "like this" before and it wasn't. We're growing again, to a new level of "Us". Less fights. More open communication. There are conversations we've had I know would terrify some married people. We are honest with one another about everything. It makes for a wonderful union.

I can't think of a single person on this Earth who is as best a match for me as my Yeti.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hump Day Hump Lesson: Some Of You Are NOT Paying Attention

I read this today, just minutes ago, on a friend's status on Facebook. I have to say I'm simply DUMBFOUNDED by it. Rather than spout off on someone else's page, I borrowed the status to pen up a note. Buckle up, kids....

"What happens when a woman has an orgasm? The uterine walls contract, and she experiences rhythmic, muscular contractions of the uterus, vagina, and clitoris. For some, it may feel like a typhoon. For others, just a flutter. So instead of trying to bring her to orgasm, men should concentrate on ensuring that women enjoy the interaction. Absence of an orgasm doesn't mean failure, but absence of arousal usually does."

Um.... WHAT??

First of all, shaving down the act of orgasm to medical fact makes it sound clinical. That's like saying all that happens for a man is "His penis becomes rigid, friction will make ejaculate expel." Right. That's all there is to it.

Let's pick this apart a bit, shall we?

For some, it may feel like a typhoon. For others, just a flutter.

If it's only a 'flutter', I'm going to suggest that the women this applies to masturbate more. I realize I'm blessed in being multi-orgasmic and have the Big O's that shake the roof. I get that. BUT.... a flutter? I think of butterfly wings as fluttery. Butterfly kisses are fluttery.

Orgasms RIP through a woman. Your toes go numb sometimes. Your thighs shake uncontrollably. The face becomes flushed. Your nipples harden. And with proper knowledge it can happen again and again, with or without a partner, in rapid succession.

That's not 'fluttery'. It can, at times, feel other-worldly. If you have yet to feel such a sensation, ladies, do it for yourself FIRST and then? Educate your lover. (Have we not been OVER this??)

If you're fortunate enough to have a lover or a toy that hits your G-Spot, it's not a typhoon either -- it's a virtual tsunami. That wet spot on the bed is mostly a woman's fault if things are done right. Women can release CUPS of fluid from a body that is worked right.

So instead of trying to bring her to orgasm, men should concentrate on ensuring that women enjoy the interaction.

Again I will say, WHAT. The. FUCK?? The interaction? As if her pleasure is not even secondary -- Hell guys, FIRST she should just enjoy the fact that you're there! SECONDLY, it's the interaction. Then MAYBE her pleasure can be a point of interest.....

FUCK THAT attitude, Ladies.

If he's only in it to pump and dump, and treat you like a jizz receptacle? More than once and it IS your fault. Relaying such indifference to the masses is WHY there are so many shitty lovers in the world. Pretending a woman's pleasure doesn't matter is a sure fire way to be labeled a DOUCHEBAG for an indefinite time period.

Absence of an orgasm doesn't mean failure..


Yes it does.

Because I do NOT know many men who would stand for a woman getting their dick hard, taking a ride, and then jumping off before HE got HIS, leaving HIM a horny mess with no release. Unless you are having sex for the expressed reason of procreation only, and the ONLY point in the act is to get the Man Batter into the Oven, sex is about MUTUAL pleasure. If you can not please her? You have failed. Buck up, men. It's the truth. I'm not going to pat you all on the head and say, "It's okay slugger. You just try again next time!" If you finished, and she hasn't? You'd damn well better figure out how to help her finish. The only time it's okay is when she was dumb enough to fake it and lie to you, and I wouldn't blame a single man for THAT crap. Some women deserve Oscars for their performances. THAT isn't your fault... unless you are aware enough to LOOK for the BIOLOGICAL signs so eloquently laid out at the start of this. Noises can be faked. Other bodily responses can not.

but absence of arousal usually does.

This goes back to the whole, "If you have to spit on it first, you're missing some major steps here..."If you're glazing over foreplay and she's not ready? This falls on BOTH parties. A woman should speak up if she's not quite THERE yet, and a man needs to be aware of when he's rushing things too damn fast.

Bad sex?


In 2011?

Damn it, I thought I covered this already.

I did mention in a previous note almost about this VERY same thing that a woman will, on occasion, "Take one for the team" if she's just NOT feeling it and wants to please her man. If you love him, and you know the mood in your own chemistry is NOT right for things to work in the Netherlands, it's a loving thing to just make love to him and not worry about what happens with your own body, but it should NEVER NEVER NEVER be expected to BE that way. Ever. I mean, any woman who's ever nailed a man with Whiskey Dick will tell you that trying to get HIM off in that particular circumstance can feel daunting and endless. But to say that a woman's orgasm doesn't matter in such a stark statement belittles everyone involved.

What shocked me was that this status was posted by a woman, not a man. From a man? I might understand it -- a little misogynistic humor that we women do not count. But not from a fellow sister. Not from a grown woman.

Ladies, seriously, it sounds very feminist of me but damn it -- Own your own "O".

MY God Forgives YOUR God For Being IGNORANT.

Okay, I've about had enough.

The assault on women via the Religious Republic NAZIS is ENOUGH.

One Republican wanted to make it a crime punishable by prison if a woman had a MISCARRIAGE.

Another said a woman should prep for rape by buying an Abortion Insurance Clause on her medical insurance.

All Repubs, all spouting their RELIGIOUS DOGMA to the masses.

First of all, in this GREAT and WONDERFUL land we call America, we have Freedom of Worship here. Do you know what that means? It means some dude can pray to his coffee grounds every morning and no one can do shit to stop him. If it's what he sees as religion? NONE of your business, MY business, or the government's business.

In that, I'm SICK AND TIRED of blow-hard after ass-tard deciding a woman's uterus is up for attack and debate.

Until I can randomly decide to walk across the street, grab a set of balls, and pierce, kick, wound, punch or spray paint them? STOP deciding what is legal for MY UTERUS.

Believe what YOU want to believe, I'll believe what *I* want to believe, and when we're dead? ONLY THEN will we know who was right.

YOU do not have the right to my uterus. Do you understand that? I don't care what Bible quote you want to toss at me, what scripture, book, belief.... I DO NOT CARE. Because I am not YOU, and in THIS COUNTRY, I have a right to believe what I understand and believe.

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would want a woman to go through 9 months of pregnancy if she were raped by her father, brother, uncle, or brutal stranger on the street. And I don't REALLY think God would expect her to buy "Abortion Insurance" juuuuuust in case such an evil event would fall into the pattern of her life.

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would intentionally send a soul from heaven to rest in a uterus of a mother who is a crack head, meth addict, hooker, alcoholic JUST to make that sick and screwed-from-day-one's child's life a lesson to us all. WHAT KIND OF EVIL GOD DO YOU BELIEVE IN??

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would send a soul from heaven into a family where the Mother will eventually beat her child to death by cutting its arms off, or tossing it in a microwave, or letting her man sexually abuse a 9 month old until it dies, or be born only to be tossed into a trash can. Again I ask, WHAT KIND OF EVIL GOD DO YOU BELIEVE IN?

Yes, there are going to be women who abuse abortion as birth control. It sucks. IT FUCKING SUCKS. I told an old friend to get the fuck OUT of my life because she kept doing it, refusing to use actual birth control, refusing at the time to let me adopt one of those babies. I WAS WRONG TO JUDGE HER. No matter how sick and twisted it was to me? IT WAS NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE HER.



This organ that is attached to my cervix? You know, up inside me? IT IS MINE.

If you think you have the right to decide, based off your interpretation of a book, what I should do with it? Fair game. Let me then put laws in effect on something in you. If you're going to say I can't do with my body what I want to? Pick something of yours I get to control and say what's-what about. YOUR Uterus? Your dick? Pick something that is at the CORE of you and let ME control it.

DO NOT toss that "Adoption Option" at me unless YOU, PERSONALLY, are willing to adopt a child IN THIS COUNTRY who has been neglected, abandoned, abused, born with drug addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, and all the other issues of the children that FILL our system. In 2009 there were an estimated 100,000 children in the court system waiting to be adopted. Oh, but they aren't babies. They aren't newborns. "We want one fresh out of the oven." Really? You fucking hypocrite, then you don't care about CHILDREN. You care about standing on a platform made of quick sand.

MY body. MY choice.

YOUR GOD doesn't factor into it.


Don't get me started that it's about not wanting our Government to pay for abortion either. You are SO being fed a line of BULLSHIT if you believe that. Our government funds wars I never signed on for. No one asked me if I wanted MY tax dollars spent on tanks, death and destruction, and that level of grief to the service men and women being ripped from their families to take part in a war that has been wrong from the word "go". I don't remember anyone asking me, "Is it okay if I spend this money here?"

This is an assault on our right to Worship how we believe, or NOT worship at ALL. If it were not, God would NEVER be mentioned. Either they're trying to wipe out ANY religion that is not Christian based, there by making the United States like the hell we fled from to COME to America in the first place, or these sick people are feeding OFF the religion they claim to be a part of, using it to further keep WOMEN down.

If you're a woman, and you voted for ANY of these assholes? I'm ashamed to share a gender with you.

If you're a man, and you voted for ANY of these assholes? I hope your dick goes permanently limp until they're out of office.

If you can wish ill will on my uterus, I'mma put a Red Headed Moon Following Heathen Whore CURSE on your COCK. Because this is America, damn it, and I have every right to at least believe it might WORK.