Friday, October 15, 2010

The Facebook Survey: Chapter One

** Warning: Adult Content ahead! **

A while back, I extended the opportunity to my Facebook friends to partake in a survey. A Sex Survey. I kept the men and women’s questions separate, but there wasn’t much of a difference between the list of inquiries. I even sent out a final group of questions that were the same for men and women. I promised answers would be kept anonymous. The only person who read these? Me. I didn’t even let Yeti take a glance.

I’m kicking off my dive back into blogging with several chapters devoted to the answers given to me by my trusting and HONEST friends.
To those who so willingly participated? A BIG thank-you. And a thank-you for your patience as I hammered out how to go about organizing all this information!

The spectrum of people who answered went from one end to the other in age, social standing, and experience. Married people to single people to those in relationships that were new to years in. Committed or otherwise. Even had a virgin pop in with some opinions.

That said, we’re going to start “Chapter One” with…..

DOES size matter? HONESTY here people….
Penis or boobies?
On what applies to you, what do you prefer?

Oh, you guys had FUN with this one!

By the time this question rolled around, “Honesty” was in FULL SWING.

I had men admitting to me they did NOT like Bigguns because they “didn’t like big ole titties floppin’” in their face.

Women saying the bigger the better and on the flip side, the smaller the more likely they were going to gain entry into the back door.

There were men who PRAISED the large and ample sweater puppies, wanting them as big as human heads.

I had to touch on this one first, because almost every answer I got negated the one before it on what was the “norm” of what we think someone prefers.

Big dicks are awesome.
Big dicks hurt.

Big tits are awesome.
Big tits sweat too much.
The over all emotion about boobs was that real is more alluring than fake.

The over all opinion about the penis was that women wish men wouldn’t think it is ALL they have to offer. One woman said she had a small lover who was her best because he knew what to do elsewhere. I’m assuming this man had oral skills, but the answer was not elaborated on.

So for each gender? Perhaps we shouldn’t stress so much. Work what nature gave you.

For my big breasted friends? Be aware of boob sweat. *snicker*
For my less than well endowed male friends? Don’t lament your less than average sized member.

Confidence is sexy across the board. No one wants to constantly placate and praise you to undo insults of lovers past. One man who was explicit in giving dimensions of his dick said that even though he KNEW it wasn’t small, a former lover insulted him about it enough that he thinks it is, and he basically begs for affirmation from every woman he’s with.
That would become…. Exhausting, don’t you think?

So yeah, be proud of what you got, and work what you were given.

Next Chapter?

We are SO diving into the Anal Sex question. Again, with the spectrum of people who participated, we have a HUGE array of opinions from one extreme to the other. I saved a LOT of quotes from THOSE answers.

Subscribe, keep reading, and eventually I’ll become a habitual blogger again….. Thanks to my friends who gave me the answers to these questions…..