Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MY God Forgives YOUR God For Being IGNORANT.

Okay, I've about had enough.

The assault on women via the Religious Republic NAZIS is ENOUGH.

One Republican wanted to make it a crime punishable by prison if a woman had a MISCARRIAGE.

Another said a woman should prep for rape by buying an Abortion Insurance Clause on her medical insurance.

All Repubs, all spouting their RELIGIOUS DOGMA to the masses.

First of all, in this GREAT and WONDERFUL land we call America, we have Freedom of Worship here. Do you know what that means? It means some dude can pray to his coffee grounds every morning and no one can do shit to stop him. If it's what he sees as religion? NONE of your business, MY business, or the government's business.

In that, I'm SICK AND TIRED of blow-hard after ass-tard deciding a woman's uterus is up for attack and debate.

Until I can randomly decide to walk across the street, grab a set of balls, and pierce, kick, wound, punch or spray paint them? STOP deciding what is legal for MY UTERUS.

Believe what YOU want to believe, I'll believe what *I* want to believe, and when we're dead? ONLY THEN will we know who was right.

YOU do not have the right to my uterus. Do you understand that? I don't care what Bible quote you want to toss at me, what scripture, book, belief.... I DO NOT CARE. Because I am not YOU, and in THIS COUNTRY, I have a right to believe what I understand and believe.

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would want a woman to go through 9 months of pregnancy if she were raped by her father, brother, uncle, or brutal stranger on the street. And I don't REALLY think God would expect her to buy "Abortion Insurance" juuuuuust in case such an evil event would fall into the pattern of her life.

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would intentionally send a soul from heaven to rest in a uterus of a mother who is a crack head, meth addict, hooker, alcoholic JUST to make that sick and screwed-from-day-one's child's life a lesson to us all. WHAT KIND OF EVIL GOD DO YOU BELIEVE IN??

I do NOT believe the God I believe in would send a soul from heaven into a family where the Mother will eventually beat her child to death by cutting its arms off, or tossing it in a microwave, or letting her man sexually abuse a 9 month old until it dies, or be born only to be tossed into a trash can. Again I ask, WHAT KIND OF EVIL GOD DO YOU BELIEVE IN?

Yes, there are going to be women who abuse abortion as birth control. It sucks. IT FUCKING SUCKS. I told an old friend to get the fuck OUT of my life because she kept doing it, refusing to use actual birth control, refusing at the time to let me adopt one of those babies. I WAS WRONG TO JUDGE HER. No matter how sick and twisted it was to me? IT WAS NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE HER.



This organ that is attached to my cervix? You know, up inside me? IT IS MINE.

If you think you have the right to decide, based off your interpretation of a book, what I should do with it? Fair game. Let me then put laws in effect on something in you. If you're going to say I can't do with my body what I want to? Pick something of yours I get to control and say what's-what about. YOUR Uterus? Your dick? Pick something that is at the CORE of you and let ME control it.

DO NOT toss that "Adoption Option" at me unless YOU, PERSONALLY, are willing to adopt a child IN THIS COUNTRY who has been neglected, abandoned, abused, born with drug addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, and all the other issues of the children that FILL our system. In 2009 there were an estimated 100,000 children in the court system waiting to be adopted. Oh, but they aren't babies. They aren't newborns. "We want one fresh out of the oven." Really? You fucking hypocrite, then you don't care about CHILDREN. You care about standing on a platform made of quick sand.

MY body. MY choice.

YOUR GOD doesn't factor into it.


Don't get me started that it's about not wanting our Government to pay for abortion either. You are SO being fed a line of BULLSHIT if you believe that. Our government funds wars I never signed on for. No one asked me if I wanted MY tax dollars spent on tanks, death and destruction, and that level of grief to the service men and women being ripped from their families to take part in a war that has been wrong from the word "go". I don't remember anyone asking me, "Is it okay if I spend this money here?"

This is an assault on our right to Worship how we believe, or NOT worship at ALL. If it were not, God would NEVER be mentioned. Either they're trying to wipe out ANY religion that is not Christian based, there by making the United States like the hell we fled from to COME to America in the first place, or these sick people are feeding OFF the religion they claim to be a part of, using it to further keep WOMEN down.

If you're a woman, and you voted for ANY of these assholes? I'm ashamed to share a gender with you.

If you're a man, and you voted for ANY of these assholes? I hope your dick goes permanently limp until they're out of office.

If you can wish ill will on my uterus, I'mma put a Red Headed Moon Following Heathen Whore CURSE on your COCK. Because this is America, damn it, and I have every right to at least believe it might WORK.


  1. My only issue: those who need to read this won't. And even if they do, they're going to justify their behaviour, as usual.

    And the majority will be men, although there are some brainwashed women out there too.

  2. I can't express how much this post means to me, Kat. (Jennifer Pardy from Facebook)

    I was told last year that I have PCOS and a few things that go with it. I needed surgery for it, and now I'm waiting to see if I have to go back in again. I had pre-cancerous polyps on my uterus. (I know, maybe TMI) Estrogen just feeds them, so I needed a birth control that didn't have estrogen on it. I preferred the pill, and I was worried an IUD wouldn't work, so I asked my WONDERFUL GYN if I could have my tubes tied.

    She looked at me sadly and said she would have to ask the (Catholic) hospital I was going to IF I COULD HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE. Because I am ONLY 30 and I have no children of my own.

    Nevermind that my husband and I decided years ago we didn't want children. Nevermind that getting pregnant is a danger to the child and to myself (high risk here). No, I would have to petition the hospital FOR THE RIGHT to have MY tubes tied.

    And I was denied.

    I just have to say, they can keep their preachy views OUT of MY FUCKING BODY.


  3. I had both of my sons at the hospital covered under my insurance. There are two locally. When I had my last child, I knew I wasn't going to have any more.

    I wanted my tubes tied, but because the hospital is run by the Catholic Church? I couldn't have it done. Pat had to get snipped. I could've opted to go OUT of my insurance to the OTHER hospital to give birth and have the tubal, but it would've broken us financially. So basically the Church doesn't want birth control OR abortion. They just want to see people get pregnant no matter HOW, and even if it is of health risk to the mother (it would have been for me to have another child) it doesn't matter. Death of the living is okay. Death of a fetus is not. PREVENTING death is not.

    It's fucked up.

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  7. Again, over 100,000 children abandoned and neglected, abused, and left. If you're telling me that's not an ASTOUNDING NUMBER to make this point more clear? NOT EVERY BABY IS WANTED, loved, cared for, and appreciated.
    If EVERY pro-lifer put their "money where their mouth is" and adopted? MAYBE I'd start believing the rhetoric, but the fact remains MOST will fight for a child in-utero and IGNORE the overwhelming fact that once that baby is born? It's not their responsibility.

    2. Don't defend a church-run hospital. You can't. Someone else's religion was forced upon ME as a patient. One has NOTHING to do with the other. AT ALL.

    3. "Women deserve so much better than abortion" Women deserve the right to MAKE THAT CHOICE. It is not for YOU, or anyone else, to decide FOR THEM. You don't have to like it, believe in it, support it, but you and everyone else has NO SAY on SOMEONE ELSE's BODY.

    4. The Bible even makes reference that a child isn't of "valid property" until it's a month old. Now, I will have to get verse from the person who pointed it out to me, as I do not even pretend to know the Bible in and out, but at the same time? It doesn't MATTER because religion has no say except to those IN THAT FAITH. A Catholic has NO RIGHT in THIS COUNTRY to tell an Agnostic, an Atheist, that they can't have an abortion because it's against their God.

    5. And yes, I meant every anger fueled word here for the Republican ASSAULT on MY BODY.
    I may be done having children, and I have never had an abortion, but I have been raped. And I'll be damned if I would've carried the baby of that man. The BABY deserves better? A child conceived in hate, rage, and violence deserves better, huh? What about the woman carrying it? WHAT ABOUT HER -- the person already LIVING? The discount of the woman who in said scenario to be nothing more than a breeder cow disgusts me. I see women as SO MUCH MORE than that.

    I'm not ill educated. I know what abortion is and I think it's horrid. I don't have to watch one. But if you think being born is better for every child, google some of the stories I mentioned -- children with their arms cut off and bleeding to death, or the woman who put her child in a microwave. Oh, hey, how about the woman who sold her infant to be raped for drug money? You will say that life is better, but for those children? ABORTION would've been more merciful. And to deny that is to be ignorant and wear a shield against the world we live in. And to say it was GOD'S WILL those children be born into those horrific ends is bastardizing the God *I* believe in. NO GOD would be so cruel as to send a child to this Earth only to be beaten, abused, sexually assaulted until the injury causes death? Sorry. I refuse to buy into that line of thinking, and I feel VERY SORRY for anyone who DOES believe that way.

  8. "If you don't like it, go to another hospital."

    This answer is as callous and ignorant as the Republican suggesting women buy rape insurance so that IF they are raped, no one else would have to pay for the abortion.

    To have had Max at Aultman would've cost us close to $10,000 for birth, doctor, room, epidural, and all that is involved in having a child. I paid into my work's health insurance, and as the patient should've had the RIGHT to have my tubes tied, because another pregnancy WOULD HAVE KILLED ME, and the church didn't give a RAT'S ASS.

    I don't know many people with that kind of money just laying around. To suggest "Go to another hospital" is ignorant. Forcing Catholic beliefs on ME is WRONG. WE HAVE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP in this country. I should have had the right as a non-Catholic to have that done. My doctor isn't Catholic. The walls of that OR do not follow a denomination. If you want to buy into the dogma of a religion that is against both birth control AND abortion? Fine. That's YOUR CHOICE. It should not be forced down MY THROAT because of the hospital my insurance covered.

  9. "DO NOT FREAKING TELL ME THAT WOMEN DON'T HAVE A CHOICE. Keep your legs together if you don't want a baby. Simple. Or use natural family planning. It works, I've been using it for 2 years now. I have taught other people how to use it to get and prevent pregnancy. "

    Okay let me say something about this extremely rude statement. I am married. MARRIED. So you're telling me that, if we've chosen not to have kids, we shouldn't have sex ever? I should keep my legs closed? Wow. Oh and "natural family planning"? A few friends and family members of mine have used "natural family planning"... yeah most of them have kids now. Now with that track record, do I really want to take that risk to myself AND my unborn child that we could both die? Playing with fire much?

    What's wrong with asking a doctor to do something I KNOW the risks of TO MY OWN BODY, while they're already up there? Keep my legs closed indeed.


    "It should not be forced down MY THROAT because of the hospital my insurance covered. "

    EXACTLY! My insurance covers the Catholic hospital. My lovely GYN said "I could do it for you right here but I don't think you could take the pain." It hurt her that she had to deny me.



    Both written by religion men, may I add.

  11. “Do they ban women with medical problems from getting the help they need? Absolutely NOT!!!!!
    Any woman with a medical need may get whatever treatment is necessary.”

    Actually, no. A good example is a Catholic hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire, in May of 1998. A Dr. Wayne Goldner received a patient with a 14 week pregnancy. Her water had broken prematurely and the baby was doomed. The doctor decided that she needed an emergency abortion in order to avoid potentially life-threatening complications. Not only would the hospital NOT allow him to perform the procedure, they would not even assist with transportation to get the woman to another hospital that would. Why? Because Catholic hospitals have a “material cooperation” directive that prohibits them from even ASSISTING in a patient getting medical attention, even if it’s something as simple as providing transportation. Dr. Goldner ended up paying out of his own pocket for the woman to get to another practitioner, and began lobbying for change in the hospital he worked at – a choice that ended with him losing his teaching position and having threats placed against his CHILDREN.

    Catholic hospitals will employ doctors that are not Catholic and yet hold them to the beliefs of a Vatican located on another continent that is more concerned with preserving the dogma of papal infallibility than actually caring for its people.

    “Women in the church are held in the highest esteem, we venerate our Beloved Mother, Mary. Mary Magdalen was one of Christ's dearest friends and 1st followers. He made it clear from the outset of His ministry that His love and way of life was for EVERYONE, not just men, not just the rich, not just whomever..”

    Actually, no. The Bible is written with an extreme slant against women. Corinthians goes as far as to state that women must keep their heads covered and not speak in Church. One of the greatest Catholic theologians, Thomas Aquinas, taught that women were defective humans, born of defective sperm, and not to be granted the rights of men. Under canon law, a woman’s husband is her king and her guardian, and she is to obey his commands.

    And on the topic at hand, in many Catholic countries women are DENIED their rights to control over their bodies and must receive consent from their HUSBAND to receive medical procedures.

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  13. Apparently when faced with truth, running and deleting is an option?

    I've known Megan since High School and we've debated on this topic repeatedly. Fair to say we will never see the other's side of this coin. Still, removing replies and running is not right. If you're gong to post something on a blog, people WILL reply -- if it hits an emotional cord? The replies will be equally as emotional and intense.

    I have issue with any religion that basically views women as breeder cows -- You can not use birth control, you can not abort, and then doesn't care about the welfare and care of a child once it's born. The Catholic Religion, with their inability to control mass outbreaks of pedophilia attacks from their leaders shows how much that church "cares" for their children AND for women.

    "Keep your legs closed" is against that religion as well, as it would seem spouting out as many children as possible makes the 'church' and "God" happy. Guilt for sexual desire, even though we are WIRED FOR IT by DESIGN, and if you believe God created us? God created us to fuck. It's THAT SIMPLE. And no, NOT just to make babies, either. Otherwise you're saying every infertile couple should never have sex. That's so naive.